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What has been the issue with the Washington Nationals in 2018?

- And I know, Dontrelle, that you did not want the Nationals to keep Bryce Harper around. But they did. Did they make the right decision?

- Well, it remains to be seen. Let's see if they have enough talent to really overcome the Phillies and the Braves. They haven't necessarily played well against those teams they need to leap frog against. But it's just concerning. And it's been dysfunction the whole season in that locker room. Guys are going at the manager, they're talking about the front office, talking about the manager's moves in the bullpen. And you know, guys in the big leagues like that, they don't really speak out unless things are really going on inside the locker room. So I'm a little concerned. Yes, it's five games out, but it feels like it's 10 to me. Especially this team-- how they're playing.

- It's been a confusing year with his team. They're so talented, they've been up and down all year. They can't seem to get on a roll. It questions me some time, is there a chemistry problem in the locker room? I played on a few teams like that.

- Do you think that's it? Because you look at the talent and you say their two games over 500. People in Washington are disappointed. What is the problem? You think it's the chemistry?

- They got about eight super stars on their team. They've got to come together. I think they take this road trip, they need to come together, have some team dinners, hang out a little bit. Have a couple beers together. You've got to work this chemistry thing and get it going. They're too talented to be where they're at right now in the standings.

- It's Ryan Zimmerman. He's the true captain and leader of that ball club. They've missed him all season long. The guy hit 30 home runs and hit 300 for him last year, almost was an MVP type season. They need him back in that lineup to be able to take pressure off Bryce Harper and company.

- Dontrelle, you have been in a clubhouse like that when you were new to the Tigers. Tons of talent, but underperformed. Was it similar?

- Very similar. We had no camaraderie, no cohesiveness, no one got along with each other. It was just we went there, did our job. I under-performed. It was a ton of guys under-performing, making a ton of money. And we know the Detroit faithful ain't going to have that over there. So they just turned on us in the season, but it was a lot different than '03 where we had a camaraderie amongst each other. Everyone battled for each other, and we were giant-killers, and we ended up winning the World Series title. So it was two different seasons.

- Let's keep hope alive in Washington. What have you done for me lately? They're seven and three out that home stand. So that's a positive sign.

- Now they go on the road. Let's see what they do. They're right--

- Come together!

- --in middle of the division race.