Reaction to Cole Hamels’ Cubs debut

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Eric Karros and Dontrelle Willis discuss Cole Hamels’ debut for the Cubs and where he fits in the rotation.

- Second or third starter in this Cub rotation, as they push toward the post-season.

- Well, probably for the Cubs' sake they hope that he's not, because then that means the other guys aren't throwing well at all. They got him for next to nothing. It's basically taking a flyer, come on over. Let's see if the change of scenery, putting you in a pennant-winning, pennant-chasing situation. You know, how are things going to change?

Look, he's playing for one of the top teams in all of baseball. So his performance should be elevated. The Cubs have nothing to lose. They really don't.

HOST: No. You were in a situation where you kept hearing when you were pitching hey, I might get traded. Am by Hamels, that was going on. Even as a veteran to try to block it out, but he was relieved. And he looked comfortable today.

- Yeah. He definitely looked on the same page with Contreras. Contreras does a good job of game calling. So after the first inning, they got on the same page and they got settled in. But it's a lot of pressure. It's a lot of pressure on your family when you hear your name swirling around.

You're even on the mound thinking is this my last day pitching in a Rangers uniform? Now, he's settled with a contender. He's a World Series MVP. He has a chance to audition and show the brass that he can pitch in the postseason run. Did a hell of a job so far.

HOST: Yeah, we'll see when he pitches before his home team at Wrigley, how that holds up.