Eric Karros: Dodgers traded for Brian Dozier to counteract Chicago’s left handed pitchers

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Eric Karros and Dontrelle Willis join Amber Theoharis to discuss the Los Angeles Dodgers trading for Brian Dozier.

- All right, you guys like this move? Does the-- going back to Brian Dozier, I know what you're going to say. Does it--

- Don't ask me.

- --make the Dodgers--

- Don't ask me, Amber.

- I know. It's a rhetorical question. Does doesn't make the Dodgers the favorite in the National League? Go ahead.

- So they were already the favorite. They were the favorite. When they got Manny Machado, they were the favorite. You know, I liked them a lot prior to even that.

But getting Dozier-- so what this-- what this does, and it's kind of similar to what we saw Boston and New York do when they're making moves really to counteract one another, well, this move is made because the Chicago Cubs are left-handed starting heavy. They went out and got Cole Hamels. They've got Quintana. They've got Lester at the top of that rotation. Dozier wears out left-handed pitching.

And that is one of the reasons, besides he's had strong second halves. And the Dodgers were interested in him a few years ago. But because Chicago has bolstered their staff with left-handed starters, the Dodgers answer, Brian Dozier.

- I really liked this move. It elongates that lineup to where one through eight can take you deep. I love it because he's only making 9 million, so that counteracts Forsythe.

ERIC KARROS: Chump change.

AMBER: Only. He's only--

- He's only making 9 million. Yeah, yeah.

- --coming from Dontrelle.

- Small change. But yeah, so they don't add to the payroll for the Dodgers. He has range defensively.

And again, if I'm a starting pitcher and I'm matching up, there's not anybody but the pitcher that I can circle and pitch to. So this is going to be fun in LA. But now, with Machado and Dozier, it's definitely now World Series or bust in that locker room. The way this offense can produce, they're going to put up a lot of runs and put a lot of pressure on pitching staff. It's going to be fun to watch in Tinseltown.