Eric Karros: Yankees acquiring J.A. Happ was a move targeting the Boston Red Sox

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Eric Karros believes the New York Yankees acquiring J. A. Happ Was a move targeted at the Boston Red Sox and winning the division

- So the Yankees some moves to their pitching once again. Zach Britton earlier this week, and then they bring in JA Happ. How does this upgrade this team in the American League?

- This is for, I think, as we talked before, Eric, this is about both the regular season and the playoffs. But the key thing for me, I look at acquisition cost at this time of year. And the Yankees are so well run right now and their farm system is so deep, they gave up two position players-- not from their pitching group-- two position players who didn't really factor into their club right now.

Brandon Drury has been superseded at third base by Andujar. And then you've got Billy McKinney traded now three times. So they were able to protect their farm system depth. And Eric, this is a very, very strong acquisition, I believe, by the Yankees.

- Well, it is. And it's really targeted towards the Boston Red Sox. And it's to win the division. And I say that because of his domination of some of the Red Sox players. And I don't mean just, well, he's had a little bit of success. You look at his career numbers against Benintendi, he's 0 for 15, Benintendi is.

HOST: 0 for 15.

- Bogaerts does not hit well against him. Betts does not hit well against him. So this is, like I said, it's team specific.

Now there is one player on the Boston Red Sox that does do well, and it's ironic they were former teammates-- JP pointed that out earlier-- Steve Pearce. He absolutely wears out Happ. He's had 20-- I think, what was it-- 28 at-bats, seven extra base hits, five home runs.

HOST: That's pretty good.

- That's the-- you know, that is Happ's kryptonite.

- And like you mentioned, he's pitch well against the Boston Red Sox. But he's now pitching in New York where it hasn't been good for other pitcher coming in and pitching in that environment. How do you think he'll do there?

- I think the fact that he's pitched in the World Series, actually against the Yankees in 2009 with the Phillies, helps. He's pitched in the American League East now a number of different occasions. That helps as well. I think-- he's a veteran pitcher.

JA Happ has a very-- as they say about pitchers-- a steady heartbeat. He is not flustered by many things. I think that demeanor-- he seems like a Yankee. He seems like he's going to be able to handle it very well.

And you can never predict it all the time, Eric. But I think he's somebody that I believe, in this role, will handle it better than say Sonny Gray did one year ago.

- And I think this is more an acquisition for the season, not so much as a-- as a playoff impact acquisition. Like I said, this is to win the division. This is not, well, he's going to be our number two guy. I mean, that still remains to be seen who that may or may not be. But it's to win the division.

- All right, Yankee fans were happy when news came out, might not be so happy after tonight's game.