Do the Nationals regret firing Dusty Baker?

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The MLB Whiparound crew discuss whether the Washington Nationals regret their decision in letting go of former manager Dusty Baker.

- All right, Eric, are the Nationals at this point, we only have about 60 games left in the regular season, depending, 61, 62, depending upon where you are. Are they the biggest disappointment of any team in baseball this season?

- Biggest underachievers. I'm not going to say disappointment until the end of the season and they're not in the postseason. But I think they're going to get there. Look, they've got a ton of games left with the Marlins and the Mets. So it's all there for the taking. I'm not sure that the Braves and the Phillies, they survive the rest of the way. And I say that just because of the inexperience.

You start looking at the schedule and you start saying, man, this game here we're playing in August, holy cow, this means something. And the Braves, they have a daunting schedule the last month of the season. I mean, it is, there's no chance they're going to survive that thing. I like the Nationals.

- All right, would you think if they continue to fade, would they start trading? They have a number of players that'll become free agents after this year.

- They do. Harper being one of them. Murphy, Hellickson, Kelley, half the roster basically. But what I was told, and I asked their GM today directly, Mike Rizzo, I said, are you contemplating selling your veteran players, moving your veteran players? He said, no. Every trade we make right now is designed to help us win games in 2018 and beyond. That's what Mike said again today.

Now I would say this. There is time, if things really go south, Eric, you could potentially go into August and use waivers to move players. I don't think Harper's getting traded, but this is a team now, they're really far back there. Not just in games, but number of teams they have to pass.

- Do you think they regret moving on from Dusty Baker at the Nationals?

- Well, I think they realize now that maybe the most important thing that the manager does with this ball club is provide stability amongst the team and in the clubhouse. And you've had a number of issues this year, right? You know, the dust up between Scherzer and Strasburg. You know, Bryce Harper not running out a ball. You see the Trea Turner, he doesn't run one out. Now you've got to, now you're going to bench him because of that?

You didn't have any of that when Dusty was there. Maybe you didn't like some of the strategies he employed, but he got to the playoffs twice. He won 95, 97 games. And look, the thing about it is, there is something to be said about the continuity and having that camaraderie in the club house, to create an easiness. Dusty, I played for him in 2003, did it better than any other manager I've ever seen.

- Postseason record an issue. But this time the Nationals, they're below .500, may not be in the postseason.

- They're getting to the postseason, Chris. They're getting there.

- All right, well, I'll bet you a dinner on that--