What will decide the AL East?

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AJ Pierzynski and Eric Karros join Kevin Burkhardt to discuss the tight division race in the American League East.

HOST 1: So here, I mean neck and neck in the standings, right? Red Sox and Yankees essentially. Percentage points, Red Sox are playing the Mariners tonight. We'll get to that in just a second. And you have a feeling this is going to go on the whole year. So when it comes to this American League East, what exactly is going to be the deciding factor, AJ, between the Yankees--

- Well, we talked about it pre-game. I mean, the phone call. Who is going to make the call? Whose cell phone is going to work better, Dombrowski, Dave Dombrowski of the Red Sox, or Brian Cashman of the Yankees? They're pretty equal teams.

Yankees have probably a little more power, a little different line up. Red Sox probably have a little better pitching top to bottom. They're pretty equal, the standings are equal. I mean, who's going to make the move? Who's going to make the power move that both these teams are known for. Yankees probably have a better farm system. The Red Sox will always make that move if they think it'll help them win a World Series.

So to me, who's going to step to the plate, who's going to make the phone call, pick up their iPhone, pick up their Android, and say, hey, guess what guys? I'm making the move to put us over the top, and compete with the Astros for a World Series.

- Did you just cover all your phone bases?

- I did. I only have an iPhone.

- You just ran through all, just in case anyone calls.

- Just in case someone's watching out there that's a phone rep and they want to give me a free one.

- One quick thing AJ, just before you go. We showed the standings there, and we didn't-- we forgot to update with the Yankees. They're a half game out now. I mean, semantics, but just letting you know.

- Well, thank you very much. You know, the interesting thing is the Yankees though, they're going to go after a starting pitcher. That's what they need most. Boston, they're somewhere in the bullpen. And it's a lot easier to go out and acquire bullpen help than it is to get that horse of a starter that the Yankees need.

And the Yankees, I think, have to make that move sooner rather than later. Because if they can do that now, then that allows them a better spot as far as winning that division. And winning the division is everything right now. To wait, and to try to do it later on, you're just allowing Boston to stay around the entire time.

HOST 1: So let me throw something at you. They have ace in Luis Severino. Right? You're talking about finding an ace, which is not easy to do. What about a guy like JA Happ, who would be a three stater. But it would absolutely make your starting staff better, right? I mean, it would certainly take away innings, you would think. What about a guy like that?

- Well, it helps their bullpen also. And why be the Red Sox not need a starter? They have Sale, Price, and Pomeranz who's on the shelf. Stephen Wright, Porcello who's been up and down. Who's to say the Red Sox wouldn't go get JA Happ.

- You have Eduardo Rodriguez, who's been-- who's been great.

- Yeah.

- And has the-- so what I'm saying.

- But are you counting on Eduardo Rodriguez to get you through a playoff series?

- Compared to what the Yankees are featuring, yes?

- Compared to somebody who might be available.

- But they're not going to go out and get a-- I would rather have a bullpen piece if I'm Boston than to go out and try to go out and get somebody that's a horse starter. Because you're going to have to give up too much. The Yankees need that for the postseason, and especially you know, who you going to? Severino, and then what are you going to do?

- CC?

- You're going to--

- CC.

- CC for a--

- Tanaka, when both his hamstrings.

- Right? I mean--

- You keep him off the bases.

- I just-- the Yankees, the way they're built, and they're so close to having that complete team. Brian Cashman, I think owes it to the organization to go out and try and claim a good starter.

HOST 1: I have a feeling they will.