Eric Karros: Nationals can’t depend on Daniel Murphy to spark the offense

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Eric Karros and AJ Pierzynski join Chris Myers to discuss Daniel Murphy's uneventful return to the Nationals lineup.

- Harper hopes to benefit from the return of Murphy, but what you saw earlier, he was just DHing tonight.

- He didn't look healthy to me. He didn't look healthy at all. His front leg, it was his right knee, so he's a left handed hitter. That's his plant leg, his leg that locks up, and he couldn't lock it out. He had terrible swings off CC. And then he hit the little chopper to CC where he was running. He was clearly limping running to first. So if you can't play the field and this your first game back and you're DHing, to me that says you're not fully healthy

- Well look it, he's coming back after micro fracture, which is no-mess-around surgery. I mean, that's one of those things, you have it done, and it's not like a meniscus or something where you're bouncing around in a day or two. I mean, you're non-weight bearing for eight to 10 weeks. And then your leg atrophies. And coming back from that is not going to be easy. Look it, he's in a contract-- not a contract year, but free agent at the end of the year. He wants to come back and play, but I wouldn't count on it. I would not count on the Murphy that you've seen in the past, who I thought, when he's healthy in that line-up, he's the best hitter. He is the best hitter and the toughest guy to pitch to.

- All right, Nationals in jeopardy of falling out of first, we'll get to the Braves later.