Ken Rosenthal on the implications of Shohei Ohtani’s injury

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Ken Rosenthal discusses the impact of Shohei Ohtani hitting the DL after being diagnosed with an UCL sprain.

- Right now, time for the Inside Pitch. Welcome in my good friend, my buddy. We go way back. Ken Rosenthal live in Citi Field for today's broadcast.

And Ken, what does the future hold now for the Angels after this news of Ohtani's injury?

- Well, Mike, if Ohtani needs Tommy John surgery, the long term implications for the Angels might be devastating. Ohtani likely would miss all of 2019. And if Garrett Richards left as a free agent after this season, the Angels would be losing arguably their two best starting pitchers.

Keep this in mind as well. Mike Trout is signed only through 2020. So the potential exists that he and Ohtani would be together for only one more season.

Now, none of this is set in stone. Ohtani might avoid a Tommy John. Trout could sign a contract extension. But it's also possible that the Angels window to win with Trout, the best player in the world, is closing rapidly.

- They definitely need Ohtani. We definitely need you on our broadcast, Ken. We'll see you later on from Citi Field. Thanks so much.