Eric Karros and Dontrelle Willis share their memories of Draft Day

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Eric Karros and Dontrelle Willis talk about the experience of being drafted.

- So EK, take us back. What do you remember when you got the call?

- So I was at UCLA waiting at the apartment and you just got a phone call back then. So I figured at that point, I thought I was going first round to the Pirates. I would have bet everything I had. Larry Doughty and Sid Thrift spend a lot of time. They were front office guys. No first round and I know that the second round, third round. Now I'm getting bitter. I'm Bitter Bob, right. I'm like [INAUDIBLE]. Dodgers called. Hey, Los Angeles Dodgers, Eric Harris, hey, congratulations. I'm not signing. Boom, hung up.

- Wow.

- I was hot.

- Salty.

- Yeah, Bob Bishop had made the phone-- Yeah, it wasn't good. It was-- And again, it wasn't anything. I was just frustrated. And then I came to my senses a few weeks later and one of the best decisions I ever made.

- Yeah, I think that worked out pretty well for you.

- EK one of the best, baby.

- How about you, Train?

- Back in Alameda, California in high school, got a chance to miss school, so that was pretty cool. So half the other, half of my classmates got to miss school. Had about like 200 people in my apartment. Mom was cooking so it was hot. Rounds go by and I agree with EK, you start to wonder and I was wondering. Six rounds go by, seventh round and I get a phone call and you know AOL, you couldn't be on the phone and on the internet at the same time back in 2000. So it was definitely a situation there, but Jim Henry, the great one, gave me a call and said, D-Train, well, not D-Train at the time, but Dontrelle do you want to be a Cub? I said heck yes and was on the plane hours later.

ERIC KARROS: They gave you a little bit of scratch too, didn't they?

- Yes they did, but I had to give it all away. Everybody took part in that draft party, baby. They said, you know back in the fourth grade, I gave you a ride to the field. So it was good. It was good. Everybody was happy. It was really fun.

- How much food did a mom cook that day?

- Everybody. It was a potluck. You know them good ol' pot lucks. I had a lot of cousins that day. I had a lot of family members coming to town that day, but it was fun.

Bet you had a lot more cousins after that day too.

- I did. Get your foot down EK. Get your foot down.

- I love that stuff. Very cool.