Dontrelle Willis thinks David Price needs to ‘humble himself’ after recent media outburst

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Dontrelle Willis and Nick Swisher join Kevin Burkhardt to discuss David Price's recent media outburst.

- Why?

- Ugh.

- I don't understand the timing of this. So whatever was bugging David Price here, clearly, he's taking shots at-- I don't know who called him soft. But whatever it is, right?

- Oh, man.

- And the stuff that he's dealt with.

- Right.

- It was just a simple question about the line drive that he took. It was no-- there was nothing, there was no drama there.

He's been pitching well. He's gotten rid of the carpal tunnel. He's pitched four really good starts in a row. Why?

- I have no idea. But at a certain point, you need to grow up. And you need to humble yourself and focus on, one, staying healthy, and, two, competing for your ball club. Make it simple. I mean, he's having these little spats. And in Boston and in the media, the pen is mightier than the sword. And you do-- you want your club and you want your fans to be on your side, because times aren't always going to be good, as you've seen in the bumps in the road he's already had.

So he's got in a fight with Eckersley on a plane that's been public. Now he's shooting shots at the media. And again, you can tell it's from the gut, because really the question wasn't even about him being soft. So he's doing too much of listening to the radio and the press clippings. He needs to just go out there and compete, because he's a big part of the rotation. And if he plays well, they have a chance to win a World Series.

- Well, that's the thing. You hit the nail on the head. He pitched great four starts in a row. Now you want to pop off?


- I'm telling you, man. I think that's the biggest thing. And I know David knows this, that you can get away with that stuff in Tampa. It's a smaller market. There's only a couple guys in that locker room covering the team.

- Right.

- But in a humongous media market full of people that go to work each and every day, and grind to have tickets to go watch those guys play, for a man that has a $200 million contract--

- $200 million!

- --$200 million contract, for him to say that--

- A lot of Dunkin' Donuts.

- --I don't know what he's trying to do. But we saw what he did last year when he got into the media and saw his numbers plummeted, right? So we're going to see exactly what's going to happen right now.

But go ahead, keep fighting that media.

DONTRELLE WILLIS: He needs a no man.

- Keep fighting that media.

- He needs someone in that locker room, like, hey, calm down, man. Like, calm down, man.

- But I think that's the problems. I think he showed up--

- You need someone to calm him down.

- --in Boston, and he established how he was going to act, and nobody was going to tell him any different.

- Well, Pedroia's off that bench now. So let's see if he--

- We can see, man.

- --can police that. Let's see if Pedroia-- he's the captain.

NICK SWISHER: We'll see.

- Let's see if he can pull him aside and say, hey, man, focus. We need you, man. And again, I agree. You're making a lot of money. No one's is going to sympathize with you right now about that.

- I will tell you this. I've never seen anyone beat the media.

- No.

- I've never seen it.

- Ever!

- And it's not going to work. He's got to change it.

- Come on. Come on, Pricey.

- There's just no need.

- You got this, bro. Come on now.

- He's been doing well. Move on. So we'll see what kind of drama comes from that in Red Sox Nation.