Will Justin Verlander set the single season ERA record?

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Frank Thomas and Nick Swisher join Kevin Burkhardt to discuss whether Justin Verlander can set the single season ERA record this season.

- I mean, let's throw it out there. Can Justin Verlander have the single greatest season in starter history and beat Dwight Gooden's record this year?

- I think so. He's capable.


- We saw what he did coming over from Detroit last year, put a spark in that team. They World Series champions. For some reason, he's so comfortable in Houston. He likes pitching there. I don't know if it's being there every day watching Nolan Ryan look at you up close.


- But for some reason, he's hit another gear. He's always had it in him. Because I faced the guy, you know, my first couple of years he was in the league. He was amazing. So right now he's comfortable. He's healthy.

As long as he's healthy, he's going to pitch like this because the guy knows how to pitch. He knows how to really work that zone like no other. I mean, I've never seen a guy that can pitch up in the zone perfectly at 96 miles an hour and make the guy looks crazy all the time.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: What do you think, Swish?

- Well, there's no one that can locate the fastball like he does, man. That was back when we were facing him back in the day, you know? But I mean, let's be honest, he's 35 years young. I mean, this guy's been doing it forever. He's on a Hall of Fame track.

The one thing that really stands out to me is, yes, he is 35 years old in his body, but he is also 35 years in his mind, as well. And there's no better tool than experience. This guy knows exactly what he's doing each and every night when he takes that mound. He has a plan and he sticks to it. That's why he's been successful from the moment he got called up to the moment today.


- I'm going to agree with him.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: Will he beat Gooden's modern day record?

- I don't know. But I've-- you've to to understand, his playing in one of the smallest ballparks in baseball.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: That's a good point.

- Yeah, definitely a hitter's park as well.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: That's a good point.

- If he keeps his ERA, this-- this could be one the most phenomenal seasons ever because of the size of that ballpark.

- I mean, but is it--

- Popups get out of there.

- I mean, are we not giving him enough credit? I mean, is this not one of the-- this is the most historical season ever, thus far.

- And again, we know it's May. But you know what's funny? If you look at it, and this kind of tells how ridiculous the Astros staff is, if you look at the top 25-- again, this is since '69--

- This is unbelievable.

- --when they lowered the mound, there's three Astros in the top 25-- their current starting staff, Verlander, Morton, and Cole are in the top 25. Again, long way to go.

- Amazing.

- It is pretty--

- Still. Pretty impressive.

- --insane what's going on right now. Fun to talk about. Verlander, rusty today, guys. Gave up a run.

- Rusty. Nine punches.

- His ERA went up today.

- Nine punches. Nine of them.

- Wow, that is something.