Nick Swisher: Trevor Bauer puts Cleveland’s rotation over the top and makes Indians a playoff threat

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Nick Swisher joins Frank Thomas and Chris Myers to discuss whether the Cubs or Indians are more poised to succeed in October.

- Indians-Cubs is better built for the post-season.

- Yeah, I definitely think, if the postseason started here in the next week, I definitely think the Cleveland Indians are set up better. And I'll tell you why: the starting rotation. Obviously, you know about guys like Corey Kluber, you know about guys like Carlos Carrasco.

This kid right here, Trevor Bauer, is doing it right now. Over the last four years, his wins have gone up, his ERA has gone down. When he first got to the big league, his rap was he was the smartest guy in the room, and things have changed.

When you have a leader like Corey Kluber in that locker room helping guys, man, I'm telling you. He's one of those guys that is slowly becoming one of the top 10 pitchers in the American League, man. His stuff is filthy, he's gone off in the off season and tried to do everything that Adam Ottavino did by buying slow machines so he can video himself, to try and find out how he can make some adjustments. He's been tremendous so far. And when you have that manager number three, you're feeling pretty good.

What do you got on that, Frank?

- What you talking about, Willis?

- That was quite a preamble to-- you're going to say, Cubs. You know what, I'm going to say both teams are built for the playoffs. I think the Indians might have a tougher uphill battle because of their bullpen situation this year. They really struggle in the bullpen. Their starters will have to pitch deeper into a lot of ballgames this year.

Come August, they could be a little tired. But the Cubs are well-rounded, they've got good starters, they've got great hitters. I think they've under-achieved a little bit in this first seven weeks of the season. They will get it going, and I think they might be a better answer in the playoffs than Cleveland Indians, just because of their bullpen.

- And you think those two divisions, too-- the teams can afford to sleepwalk a little. I mean, Milwaukee is playing well, so the Cubs will have to play catchup, but the Indians are only a 500 team at the moment.

- Yeah, I mean, there's no one in the AL Central right now over 500. So it just goes to show you, they have an easy path to the playoffs right now.

Hey, I'm telling you what, man, the Indians starting rotation is second in the league in ERA.

- No doubt in my mind both of these teams have been in playoffs. I'm just worried about how far they can go if they don't fix that bullpen.

- I agree. I agree. I agree.

- Because they need to have that lockdown bullpen the last couple of years. It's not the same anymore.

- Yeah, Andrew Miller needs to step and tough up a little bit.

- Yeah, statistically the Indians have the worst bullpen in the league at the moment.

- That's saying a lot.

- Yeah, it is, considering how great the rotation is.