Nick Swisher: Indians need more help in the bullpen if they want to win the AL Central

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Nick Swisher joins Frank Thomas and Chris Myers to discuss the struggling Cleveland bullpen.

CHRIS MYERS: For the Indians, who fall a game below 500, things tighten in the American League Central. I wonder how much they miss Brian Shaw. And since 2012, Shaw-- the most appearances of anybody in baseball. Even this year, the most appearances of anybody in the National League.

FRANK THOMAS: Of course they miss him. He's been very consistent for them for many years. That bullpen was lock-down city over the last couple years with Cleveland. So yes, you miss him. And they miss Santana. Those two players were chemistry guys on that team, but they both carried a lot of weight, and they both made a lot happen on the field.

So Cleveland is not the same team this year because of the loss of those two players. Most teams think they can move on from certain things like that. They had a team that looked like a dynasty. Now, when you lose two valuable pieces, things change for you. And Andrew Miller, right now, looks injured. Not hurt, injured.


- Now, when you're injured, you can't play. It might be time for him to go on the DL for a very long time.

- Well, we saw his face. I mean, he looked like he didn't even have it out there, almost like-- I'm not saying the man was scared, but it looked like he was a little frightened. Like, wow, I might not have the same stuff that I'm used to having. And any time you have bad knees-- coming from a guy that knows what that feels like-- when you're coming down with that much force on that front knee, that's going to cause some problems.

- Yes.

- And you know, we talked about it, like, do the Indians need some more help in the bullpen? Absolutely. Andrew Miller is not going to be able to pitch every day. And if he's pitching like this, he's not even going to get the opportunity to pitch.

CHRIS MYERS: All right. But that division, Tigers-Royals-- I mean, it's pretty much-- I mean, can the Twins catch the Indians?

- I mean, they could. But your bottom line is Cleveland Indians still have a very good ball club. They still got great starting pitching.

CHRIS MYERS: They Kluber, Carrasco--

- You know, there are those guys that are going to have to pitch deep into ball games. They will find a way. There will be some relievers out there available at the break. They better hone in on those guys right now because they're going to need that sooner rather than later.

- There's nobody in the AL Central over 500.


- There's nobody. We're talking about how good the Cleveland Indians are?

- As long as you're winning, but the Twins are a half-game back. And Jason Dovic, a Tiger fan, tells me that Detroit's only one game back.


- And Byron Buxton is back.

CHRIS MYERS: Is back. And soon, the Twins will get Sano and Santana.

- The Callous is back. Yes, the Callous is back.

- [INAUDIBLE] you still here?

- Yeah, he's still here.


He was rooting for his Tigers, a loyal fan.

- Hey, they're playing well.

- All right. When we continue--