What makes Mike Trout MLB’s best player?

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Mike Trout is having his best career year so far. Dontrelle Willis and Nick Swisher discuss what makes the Angels’ outfielder the best player in baseball.

- So if the season ended today, Mike Trout would be having the best year ever-- he's ever had. I mean this is from a guy who's had multiple fantastic years. He's having the best in everything-- average, on base, OPS, at bats per home run. He's probably gonna hit the most home runs he ever has if he stays healthy, maybe 50. He's done it all. That is the bottom line. So Trout, great, maybe even greater this year. Why, D-Train?

- There's nothing he can't do on the baseball field and he understands it. He can run, he can throw, he can track the baseball, he can hit for power, he hits to all fields, and he brings a swagger and a joy every single day to the locker room that's infectious throughout the whole ballpark. I mean he's a focal point and he's the guy that should be promoted, and is promoted, because of the way he goes about his work every single day. It's his positivity and professionalism day in and day out.

- Well I'm gonna make a big statement, and I've said it before. We are looking at the LeBron James of our game, baseball, man. Like you're saying-- there's nothing he can't do on the field. He's the most talented guy in the game. He practically leads his team in every statistical category.

The guy has been in the league for seven years. He's finished in the MVP-- the runner-up three times, he's won it twice. last year he finished fourth. This guy right here, man, the only difference between Mike Trout and the LeBron James is Mike Trout don't have those championships.

But the desire and the want is to being there, and with the team that he has this year, man, you never know what the future holds for him.

- Train, you said that he does something that Barry Bonds used to do in terms of hitting, which is what?

- He has no weakness in the strike zone, and he can hit the ball with authority all over the strike zone. I saw Brad Penny throw a fastball at 99 miles an hour at Barry Bonds neck and he kept it fair in the zone and hit the ball outta the ballpark.

And that's the same things I'm seeing from Mike Trout. You think you can go down and away, he covers the ball and shoots it the other way. You try to go up and in, he rushes that fastball and is able to turn it around. And as a starting pitcher, it's like I don't have enough in my toolbox to get this guy out. I hope he just lines out three times.

But that's how talented and that's how comfortable he is in the box.

- Well, he's one of those guys that he looks like he has a line drive swing with power. This guy seems like he's on every pitch. You don't see him off balance. And like you said, he loves the game. He wants to be there. And this guy needs a chance-- he needs a chance to play in the playoffs because we need to see it.

- This is the year.

- I think everybody would like to see him in the playoffs, that's just the bottom line, and we'll see if the Angels can get there.