Frank Thomas and Eric Karros react to Albert Pujols collecting his 3,000th career hit

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Frank Thomas and Eric Karros join Kevin Burkhardt to discuss Albert Pujols collecting his 3,000th hit in Seattle.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: That's doable. That is definitely doable.

ERIC KARROS: It really is.

FRANK THOMAS: Over 3 and 1/2 years left in the contract, yes.

ERIC KARROS: When you think about it, which is amazing.

FRANK THOMAS: 80 home runs left.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: EK, I really like what you say, how you describe him, the right hand of Barry Bonds. Because I think-- you know, you look at him now and you're always well, the contract, right? He's got the big contract. He's not what he was.


KEVIN BURKHARDT: Well, he's still pretty good, and what he was was other worldly.

ERIC KARROS: And that's the thing is we compare him to what he was. Which again, Father Time you know, makes sure that that doesn't happen forever.


ERIC KARROS: What he was for for 10 years-- and we talked about it the other night-- you know, it's around .330, it's 40 some home runs, 120 some RBIs. You know, in this 10-year window, 7 of those years, he was first or second in the MVP award voting.

FRANK THOMAS: Well, he lost a couple to Barry Bonds.

ERIC KARROS: Right. I mean--

FRANK THOMAS: He should've been MVP some of those years, but Barry's year was just bigger, so put things in context here. If he had got those MVPs, you're talking about a career like Barry Bonds.

ERIC KARROS: You're talking about-- I'd say what? Probably one of the top five right handed hitters to ever play the game. To ever play the game.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: I think that sums it up.

FRANK THOMAS: No doubt about it.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: I think you're right.

ERIC KARROS: When you think of it, and you put it in that context, you go, geez.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: Any time you say, ever--

ERIC KARROS: Ever play the game.


KEVIN BURKHARDT: I think you're right there, EK. I really do. And think about this historical wise. Major leagues now, 4 straight years we've seen someone hit their 3,000 career hit milestone. It's never happened before. So if we've gotten used to this scene of Pujols. And really cool stuff. Emotional. Nice job by the Mariners, kind of get out of the way and let him enjoy that a little bit. And meanwhile, both these teams right in the mix. It's a pretty important series for these two teams. Matter of fact, we have an update from Seattle.