Frank Thomas thinks it’s time for the Mets to part ways with Matt Harvey

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Frank Thomas and Mark Sweeney join Chris Myers to discuss Matt Harvey's struggles as a relief pitcher in New York.

CHRIS MYERS: There was some snickering going on--

FRANK THOMAS: Snickering in the media.

CHRIS MYERS: And the-- all right, so there's a number of ways we can go with this. First of all, what a guy does on his private time-- if he's not getting into any legal trouble away from the game-- usually, you leave him alone. If he's doing his job.

In this case, the guy's been demoted to the bullpen and then there doesn't do his job. So do you have-- and apparently his teammates-- there are some people there that are not comfortable with it in his own locker room.

FRANK THOMAS: All I know is from many veterans before my time, and they always told me, don't let your night job catch up with your day job. You have to perform in this game of baseball. There's so many distractions. If you start spending too much time out at night, it'll start showing up on the field.

So for Matt Harvey, at this point for me, it's time for a change of address. I mean, the bottom line is, expectations in New York are just too high at this point. I don't know if he's ever going to be that pitcher again. It might be best for both parties just to part ways.

Get him somewhere else comfortable, because the guy still can pitch. He's not that 99, 98 guy anymore, but he still has a tremendous amount of talent. I hate to see a career ruined because of a lot of media, especially in New York City. It's not a place-- that's not a place to have a problem.

CHRIS MYERS: OK, so better for him to be out of town. But he's a free agent after the year. I mean, just get rid of him? Who would be interested in trading for him? I'm sure his skill set is good enough, he can revive himself somewhere.

MARK SWEENEY: I think people are going to take an opportunity for Matt Harvey. But you think about it, too. This is a result-based business. And I don't think Matt Harvey is showing that he has worth in New York this time.

And I agree with you, Frank. It is time for him to move on and go somewhere else. There's other teams that will take him on and hopefully get something that's different. A change of scenery might be really good for Matt Harvey. But when you think about it, it really is about your results on the field.

His results are not good. We saw him in San Diego this weekend. The velocity is not even there out of the bullpen. It's 91, 92 miles an hour, and it doesn't have the finish that he has. That's the reason why the Mets-- not because of his off-the-field stuff-- it's the results on the field.

CHRIS MYERS: And maybe the Mets are better off. I mean, they're on the fast track here. They got a chance-- the way this team is going. Maybe removing him helps their atmosphere for success.