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From executive producers Dwyane Wade and Chance The Rapper, FOX Sports films is proud to present the next installment in its Magnify series: “Shot in the Dark,” the story of Chicago’s Orr Academy Basketball team. Shot in the Dark premieres February 24th on FOX.

[MUSIC PLAYING] MAN: Forget ball. Forget ball right now. I think y'all think that this is a game out here, man. They're going to kill y'all. They're gonna kill y'all, man.

MAN: It's like a swamp. Once you get your feet stuck in the quicksand, it's hard to get out.

- It's rough around here, man. It's-- it's-- it's really--


It's really rough. Ha. That's a gunshot. Know what I mean?

40 boys on my team don't have a father. 40 guys who depend on me every day.

No, you scared! You scared! You got to breathe, Tyquone!

REPORTER: The big story is Tyquone Greer.

BOY: I really want to go to college. I know it's my only way out. I don't want to be the one to get stuck in the quicksand.

MAN: You want to live two lives, man. You want to be a playboy, and then you want to be a basketball player.


NEWS ANCHOR: A Chicago high school basketball player is shot early this morning.

MAN: I don't know how long I can do it. I don't know. You know?

I just want to give guys a chance to win one championship.

ANNOUNCER: One game away to the Final Four.

BOY: It's not just a game. It's more than a game. We found it.

MAN: Be your own man!

MAN: It's your turn. We got more money than y'all got. We got better cars, we got better houses. This all we get.

MAN: And I can't say "tomorrow." I mean, no one can say "tomorrow." But I got to try.

ANNOUNCER: To launch the three!

BOY: Money, money, money, money.