Clay Travis on Khabib-McGregor chaos — ‘best $65 I’ve spent in forever’

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Clay Travis shares his thoughts on the Khabib-McGregor chaos that ensued after their fight ended at UFC 229.

- Or who are you in awe of? Sal, I'm in awe of you right now, because you look very overheated, yet you are still talking.

- I know, well I'll tell you who I'm not shocked over. Clay Travis, every week says he comes in second place. He loves bragging about second place, just like his idol Hillary Clinton. Enough, we get it already. But I was shocked by McGregor-Khabib fight, I loved it. I had Khabib, I had the under that it wouldn't go the distance, and I loved all the aftermath. So what?

Let's not pretend that the WWE spectacle is not a big part of this, Dana White. And already, Khabib is a minus 250 favorite if they were to have a rematch. I think it's a bad match up, on their feet, or on the ground for McGregor, I'd stay away if I were him.

- I was shocked by the outcome of Khabib-McGregor too. The fight after the fight was incredible. You saw the flying kick jump, gotta hit Khabib. We saw somebody jump into the ring and take a swing at McGregor from behind. I paid $65 for this, best $65 I've spent in forever. I just wish they had shown us all the replays of everything live on the UFC event. Sal had a bunch of the outcomes, there. By the way, early read, I see no way Conor McGregor ever beats Khabib. I don't know why they should have a second fight. They should have a Royal Rumble. Have all of McGregor's crew, and all of Khabib's crew all inside the octagon at the same time, I would watch that.