Todd Fuhrman explains why he likes Milwaukee to win the NL

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Todd Fuhrman loves the direction in which Milwaukee is trending and he likes them to make a run at the World Series title.

- First things first, pennant fever. Guys, what MLB team do you think is heating up right at this time?

- I think the Astros may even have pennant whooping cough, because everyone's paying attention to the Red Sox and the Yankees, but how about the defending champs? They laid the smackdown on the Indians today. Corey Kluber gave up four runs in four and 2/3 innings. This is the team to look out for. And if you can get them at plus 200 or plus 250 right now to win the AL, that's your bet.

- All right.

- I love the Dodgers right now. They're going to play a little bit later on FS1 here. Maybe there are some people hanging out watching them right now. Feeling pretty good, do you know why? Because down the stretch, they were in that really intense pennant race. And I feel like they've been in the playoffs for a while right now. Clayton Kershaw is going to go out and take care of the Braves. They're going to go up 2-0. I think the Dodgers are peaking at the exact right time. This is their moment. They want to get back, get against the Astros, get back to a Game 7, maybe not even have to take it to a Game 7, exorcise the demons of the Los Angeles, wipe out all the long and bad history. And I feel like right now everything is going the Dodgers' way. They have got absolute, in a good way, pennant fever.

- And I'll take the low-hanging fruit here, with the Brewers, who went up 2-0 over the Rockies earlier today. And you look at the way Milwaukee has built their roster, very similar to how the Royals had so much success. It doesn't matter who's out there, starting throwing the first four or five innings, just turn the ball over to the likes of Josh Hader, Corey Knievel, Jeffers at the back end. You're even getting Joakim Soria to come in there and try and eat up some valuable outs.

And the Brewers, unlike a lot of the teams in baseball, they manufacture runs. They have guys that can take extra bases. And Mike Moustakas brings that championship pedigree. We've seen him come up clutch already through the first two games, the Rockies taking such bad at-bats.

The Brewers are a team that have been in playoff mode. Klay talked about the Dodgers. Since early September, when they were five games behind the Cubs, they just feel like that team of destiny. Correct Council has them playing great baseball. I think the Brewers are going to be a tough out, not only in the National League, but maybe even have a chance to win the whole thing.

- I think that--

- You sure you don't want to wait till they win their third game before you pick them? I mean, that'd be pretty gutsy.

- I need all the help I can get right now. So maybe I can go back and get Game 2 for the Brewers to try and get you for the weekly crown.