Clay Travis on Red River Showdown: ‘I ain’t touching this line’

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Clay Travis recommends taking the under as Texas takes on Oklahoma on Saturday.

- All right, up next, Ve-Guess. Which games could Vegas have wrong? The line that looks great on paper but could play out much differently when they take the field. Sal, you're up first.

- Yeah, Florida State-Miami-- it's a 13.5, 14 point spread depending on where you're betting it. But this game only twice in the last 17 years has been decided by more than 14 points.

Florida State is good defensively in the red zone. I think that's where Miami could have trouble. I think Florida State is seventh in the country. And look for DeAndre Francois to break out. This one's going to be closer than people think.

- The game, to me, is going to be on Fox tomorrow. Our guy Joel Klatt is calling it with Gus Johnson down in Dallas. It's OU-Texas. It's a rivalry game. And I know sometimes we talk about what a number of means and this number came out and it is just stuck right at Oklahoma a 7.5 point favorite.

So I'm looking at that the whole week thinking, man, I'd love for this game to go a little bit under seven, but there's no way I want to bait myself into taking the bet that Vegas clearly wants me to take. They want me to take Texas here. The play, I believe, is the over, but I don't have a good sense what's going to happen in this game.

And the fact that the wind has stayed right there has made me even more uncomfortable. I ain't touching this line. I don't know about you Furman, you see that and get nervous?

- You know what, Clay? I mean, you can make the case all the time that there's a little bit of bait out there in a number trying to entice some underdog action, but Tom Hermann's been outstanding as a head coach at Texas. I know we'll talk a little bit more about this game.

I think it'll be a fascinating watch and really go a long way in defining who ultimately wins the Big 12. For me, I actually look at these games in the NFL. And I think the Raiders and Chargers is a game that a lot of people have penciled in for the Chargers to get an easy win in that division, but it's never a good sign when the home team has been working all week piping sound into their practice facility and talking about using a silent count.

The Raiders got up off the deck and showed some resiliency winning the game against Cleveland. And I really believe Derek Carr could have some success throwing against a Chargers' defense that's had problems getting out of their own way. This game has all the makings of a one possession contest late and I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Raiders have a chance with a late field goal to win this thing outright.