Clay Travis says the under on Auburn vs Mississippi State is a ‘slam dunk’

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Clay Travis all but guarantees the under will come through when Auburn takes on Mississippi State this weekend.

- Is there a bet that you made this week that you would like to double down on? Sal, lead us off.

- I had the Jets over the Broncos. This line is jumping all over the place. Not crossing any key numbers, but they were laying a point and a half, then it was even, now it's back to a point. I love when a team in the west plays on a short week and comes east, and that's what the Broncos are doing, and Sam Darnold's going to light them up again.

Listen to these numbers-- 8-and-2 the Jets are against a spread in the last 10 home games. Broncos 1-and-9 against the spread following a straight-up loss. Go Jets, J-E-T-S.

- Clay, who you got?

- I almost fell asleep there. It's late night for me, Sal, with the longest double-down bet of all time.

- He's supposed to keep up with you when you're rambling on.

- It's on the road, Auburn at Mississippi State. Years ago, they played one of the greatest under games of all time. It ended 3-to-2 in Starkville-- people still talk about it. Neither one of these offenses can score. Mississippi State only put up 13 points the past two weeks in SEC play. That's going to continue.

And I am telling you right now, this number has come down from 45. I bet it earlier in the week. It is a slam dunk, blood bank guarantee--

- Oh, there we go.

- --the under, Auburn against Mississippi State.

- The blood bank guarantee makes me uncomfortable. Does it make anybody else feel a little nauseous?


- Just you, Rachel.


- Should make us all uncomfortable.