Cousin Sal expects Mookie Betts to have the best postseason of any player in 2018

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Cousin Sal thinks Mookie Betts will be the player to watch this October in the MLB Playoffs.

- We'll get it started talking about Mr. October. Which player in MLB postseason will have an October to remember? That sounds like a lovely rom-com.

- I'll tell you what. It's not a player, but Kanye West is Mr. October. Everything he says is so truthful and refreshing wherever he--

- I think it's quite the opposite, actually.

- Mookie Betts. Mookie Betts. Only hits .269 in the postseason, but he's going to win MVP and there's no better gambler's name than Mookie Betts.

- Very true.

- Let's go with Mookie.

- Striking a blow for all the Mookies out there-- old school Mookie Wilson fans will agree. I agree with Sal here. I feels like he's not a guy that's that well known at this point, and so this is his opportunity to kind of step onto the national stage and actually get known now. He's a Nashville guy like me. He dominated for a long time like me. And now, just like me, he's becoming a superstar.

- You're ruining Nashville for us all, Clay Travis.