Cousin Sal warns bettors ahead of Indianapolis against New England — ‘be wary’

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Cousin Sal says there will be a lot of emotion in the game between New England and Indianapolis. Hear his thoughts on why bettors should be wary.

- Well, we're going to see tomorrow night at 8:20 on Fox, so why even speculate? Let's just shut up and move on.

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- Here, I am what they call an emotional better, and they say that's the best kind. And I think there is a lot of emotion in this game. These two teams do hate each other. There is some, you know, there is some carry over here. Obviously you mentioned Deflategate. The Colts inspired that, and then Josh McDaniels leaves the Colts at the altar on the coaching carousel in the off season, but here's what the Colts don't have.

They don't have an a-hole like Bill Belicheck who like to run up the score. Belichick was three touchdowns up. He was running the ball while the Dolphins-- he was passing while the Dolphins were running. And he'll do that. Up 10 with two minutes left, he'll throw the ball at the 50-yard line, and they'll score again. So be wary of taking the Colts in the points this week.