Todd Fuhrman lists all the reasons why Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay should be ‘optimistic’

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Todd Fuhrman does not think Green Bay is a steal as a one-point favorite against Detroit, but he explains why the team will be better moving forward.

TODD FUHRMAN: I'm not going to say it's a steal, Rachel, because this Packers offense hasn't looked its usual self over the last two weeks. I mean, Aaron Rodgers outside the NFL's top 20 in passer rating. And the thing that's been positive for the Green Bay Packers, their defense has risen to the challenge. Now I know they fell flat on the road at Washington, but they're in the top 10 in a lot of key defensive metrics. Offensively they're outside the top 20.

If anything, this is a cause for optimism, because we know the Packers offense will eventually find its stride. Aaron Rodgers will put this knee injury behind him. But if his defense is a sign of things to come and they get great play from their young defensive backfield, they get Klay Matthews to learn how you have to tackle the quarterback in 2018, this Green Bay team is flying under the radar when you look at their odds to win the Super Bowl at 18 to 1. I can actually honestly say they may have the best value in the NFC. Because I think they are the third most complete team behind the scenes, and of course the Los Angeles Rams.