Clay Travis: Dez Bryant has overplayed his hand

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Clay Travis explains why Dez Bryant still being a free agent is a 'messy situation' and if Bryant still makes a team better.

- This is a messy situation. If he were really going back in time, I think he would sign with the Baltimore Ravens when he had that offer to begin with. Instead, he's sitting around now begging to be signed by anyone. I think it's a classic example of overplaying his hand. He's not that valuable. If he were that valuable, somebody out there would have already signed him.

And I kind of feel bad for Dez, because the only time he makes news now-- even in the middle of the NFL season-- is when he's out there tweeting.


- And it's a little bit ridiculous. The battle of Texas is about to happen. I think he's feeling left out. It's unfortunate. But I don't think he makes any NFL team better, or he'd be on a roster right now.