Todd Fuhrman on Pittsburgh: ‘This a rushing attack that desperately misses Le’Veon Bell’

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Todd Fuhrman explains why the Pittsburgh offense misses LeVeon Bell and what will happen if he does not return.

- Well, I'm just so happy Le'Veon Bell is going to play this year. My under 13 touchdowns, that might be the only bet I'm able to win the way things have gone the last couple of days for me. But you look at this Steelers team, and everyone was so excited about James Conner after week one against Cleveland. But this is a rushing attack right now that desperately misses Le'Veon Bell. There's no threat of a ground game going for big play potential. Under three yards per carry, I mean your rushing yards less than 50 yards per game-- this doesn't give the Steelers the balance.

And when you have a defense that's surrendered more yards through four weeks than any team since the merger, it's not a recipe for success. Thankfully for Pittsburgh, you may not have to run the ball against Atlanta. The Falcons gave up yards in bunches. If this passing attack can't look competent this coming Sunday against the Falcons, then it's time to really hit the panic button. And Mike Tomlin might want to dust off that resume a bit.

- Oof.