Clay Travis: ‘As good as Mahomes has been, I just want to tap the brakes’

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Clay Travis explains why certain upcoming matchups are a reason to 'tap the brakes' on rookie QB Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City.

- That's what I want to see is what Todd just mentioned. I want to see how the Chiefs do against the Jags and I want to see how they do on the road against the Patriots. The reason why I want you to see that-- we have learned, at least if you watch a lot of NFL, that there are a lot of hot shot young quarterbacks that come in and look incredible in their first few starts. We've already seen a couple of those guys fall off this year in a big way. Deshaun Watson. Everybody was convinced he was going to be incredible for the Houston Texans. He's a good Frank Reich decision away from being winless for the month of September in the NFL.

Jimmy Garoppolo, even before he got injured, was headed for a really weak start after an incredible seven game beginning. So if we look at what happened with Alex Smith last year with the Kansas City Chiefs offense, they were 5 and 0, they looked unbeatable. It looked like no one could keep up with them. And then they fight their way into barely making the playoffs as the division winner in the wild card, and they lose to my guy, Marcus Mariota. I want to see what happens this weekend against the Jags.

I thought, when you watch this game, this story to me a little bit, as much as I loved winning this bet, was Case Keenum making $18 million a year and missing Demaryius Thomas for a throw that an $18 million a year quarterback should make to win that game. If that had happened, then the Chiefs would not even be in first place at the quarter point of the season, they'd be losing in the AFC West. So as good as Mahomes has been, I just want to tap the brakes. I also want to toss this out.

- Clay, I think everyone is falling asleep.

- Are you done yet, Clay?

- I think there are some odds that Ed Orgeron might actually be Patrick Mahomes' father. Because if you listen to that accent, you can't convince me that that is not Ed Orgeron.

- This isn't three hour radio, Clay. The fact that you even--