Cousin Sal says be cautious betting on Baker Mayfield and Cleveland: ‘Still a loser team’

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Cousin Sal explains why bettors should stay away from Cleveland and Baker Mayfield moving forward.

- They should because-- they should stay away from them. They're still a loser team. Like, they were up eight with a minute and a half left, and they had the ball, and they lost that game. This is what they do. They're-- OK, they have players on both sides of the ball that you can root for now. They're exciting. But this is like bedazzling your flip phone. It's the same loser team, and I am stunned that the Ravens are only favored by 2.5 at Cleveland. What am I missing here? That game at best goes to overtime for Cleveland, just like every other game. And I'd still take my chances with the Ravens.