Todd Fuhrman: ‘Zero confidence’ in Jameis Winston leading Tampa Bay moving forward

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Todd Fuhrman explains why bettors should further evaluate Tampa Bay moving forward with Jameis Winston being named the starting QB.

- But I think Dirk Koetter took a bad situation and made it worse, because there was no hesitation. Why do you have to come out the day after the game announce Jameis Winston as your starting quarterback? Take some time, think about it.

We all know it was coming. I'm sure the locker room knew it was coming, as well. But this had nothing to do with Ryan Fitzpatrick. He wasn't the one, as Clay alluded to, that gave up six touchdowns and Mitchell Trubisky.

The players all week long came out and said, hey, we want to rally for Ryan Fitzpatrick. We love the way he's galvanized the locker room. Well that effort, it looks like they left their A-Team back in Tampa, because before you blinked, it was 21 to 3.

Tampa's at teams win total was set at 6 and 1/2 before the season. It took professional money under. I'm a lot more optimistic, those under bettors are going to have a chance to cash when you look at them playing three of their next four games on the road. And I have zero confidence in their defense, let alone Jameis Winston the lead team going forward.