Clay Travis explains why he’s not sold on New England after their Week 4 win

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Clay Travis does not think Tom Brady and New England are a sure bet moving forward after their blowout win over Miami.

- I'm still not sold. I'm still not sold on the Patriots, and that's because I think this game was as much about the Dolphins being awful as it was the Patriots being good. Look, that's often the case when you have two different teams playing. The Patriots get three straight home games right now. I want to see what they look like coming down the stretch, because they looked old and slow against the Lions.

The Patriots came out and dominated against the Dolphins, but how much of that, again, was the Dolphins being awful? And Gronk's injury and everything else-- I still think there's drama here with the Patriots. It's been-- this is a crazy stat. The Patriots have been basically in the mix for so long, that any time you say, oh, the dynasty is over, you set yourself up to look like an idiot. I'm very comfortable looking like an idiot. I'm the only guy who hasn't won on this show yet.

- I'm very comfortable with you looking like an idiot.

- --the Patriots. Yeah, I know you are. Yes.