Cousin Sal likes Oakland over Cleveland in Baker Mayfield’s first start

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Cousin Sal thinks Oakland's desperation will lead to a strong performance against Cleveland and Baker Mayfield.

- Lock it in, baby, I love it. Clay, do you agree with Colin, taking the Raiders minus-2.5 against Browns and Baker-- what was it, money-clip maker?

- Yeah, that was it.

- I loved the Raiders here. And then I saw Cowherd's argument and now I'm a little bit more nervous. These guys can swear to him. We were meeting this morning to talk about the show, I said I liked the Raiders here. I think when you can prepare for Baker Mayfield, everything is different.

The Jets prepared for an entire week for Tyrod Taylor. They knocked him out of the game. They had no idea what to do when Baker Mayfield came into this game.

The Raiders, now, have had an entire week to prepare for a rookie quarterback going on the road in the black hole there. It'll be a tough environment. I don't think Baker Mayfield will play well. I don't think the Raiders are going to fall to 0-4 either.

I don't just like them, I love them. Now I don't know about Colin getting 2.5-- Furman can probably speak to this better than I can. I saw that number at three. Is Colin stealing a half-point somewhere? Because they tell us we can't ever do that. Every time I want to get a line, it's a half-point worse than what I think it should be.

- Well, it'd be amazing, Clay, if you lost your games by a half-point, then you'd have a legitimate gripe. But when you lose by 30.

- All right, all right.

- Furman with the heat.

- Burn man.

- There has been some money that's come in on the underdog here. Every time it gets to three, Baker-mania is real. I think you're going to see a lot of public support for Baker Mayfield going forward.

But I'd just like to thank Colin-- some of that energy and some of that education rubbed off. When Sal and I sat on set with him, he goes 4-1 with his blazing five. But I think this is a tough, tough task for Baker Mayfield to go on the road against a desperate football team.

I have some pretty strong thoughts in this game and an angle I may want to attack, I just can't get to it until later in the week.

- I think it was Todd's pink socks that really put a good spin on it and gave good luck to Colin on that day we sat there. But, listen, I'm just glad Hue Jackson made the right choice here. He named Baker Mayfield officially the quarterback.

I thought he was going to go with Drew Stanton, which would have been the Hueish Jacksonish thing he could have done. But I don't like Baker on the road-- I don't like a rookie quarterback on the road getting less than three points?

This is a desperation game for the Raiders. I like them in this spot, and I'll have more on this after this commercial break. Are you the only one?

- Are you throwing to commercial breaks now? I don't think it's time for a commercial.

- Rachel does it all the time.

- We've got two more stories, come on, man.