Tracks make this Sport unique; the Rivalries make it Universal

The Tracks make this Sport unique; the Rivalries make it Universal.  Gone are the days when guys could simply show up and skate hard and hope to win a stop of Red Bull Crashed Ice.  Today’s best Ice Cross Downhill racers combine the conditioning of a Hockey Player, the agility of an Alpine Skier and the bump and grind strategy of your favorite NASCAR Driver.  Speed, Endurance, and Intensity are all part of the winning equation over the four stops of the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Series. But the path to the kind of fitness needed to contend for the win is different depending on the athlete. Some athletes focus on intensity and film study, where others focus on control and endurance.  In this Episode we go inside the training needed to contend with, and hopefully beat, the best in the World.  

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4 below Zero takes you into the action and behind the training for the 2015 Season of Red Bull Crashed Ice The Fastest Sport on Ice. Think you can lace up the skates and go toe to toe with these guys on the track? After seeing what American Cam Naasz, Austrian Marco Dallago and Canadian Scott Croxall go through chasing the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship, and just how technical the tracks have become, you might rethink things. Series Begins January 2nd with episodes every Friday in January.

Official Red Bull Crashed Ice 2015 Season:

Saint Paul, USA – January 24

Helsinki, Finland -€“ February 7

Belfast, Ireland -€“ February 21

Edmonton, Canada – March 14