Red Bull’s ‘4 Below Zero’ and nerves as cold as ice

Follow the world’s fastest athletes on ice, as the top three ranked athletes in the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship Series train to stay atop of the podium in the upcoming 2015 season. 

Think you can lace up the skates and go toe to toe with these guys on the track? After seeing what American Cam Naasz, Austrian Marco Dallago and Canadian Scott Croxall go through chasing the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship, and just how technical the tracks have become, you might rethink things. The series will chronicle the events leading up to the first race of the year in Saint Paul, MN, which will be broadcast on FOX Sports January 25 at 4pm EST.

Official Red Bull Crashed Ice 2015 Season:

January 24 Saint Paul, USA

February 7 Helsinki, Finland

February 21 Belfast, Ireland“

March 14 Edmonton, Canada€“

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