Watch ‘Rudy & Neal Go Fishing,’ a story of one veteran’s therapy, on FOX Sports 1

Rudy (left) and Captain Neal scope out the water from their boat. Their story will air on FOX Sports 1 this Memorial Day.

Some very special programming will be on FOX Sports this Memorial Day.

On Monday, May 25, at 8 p.m. ET, the documentary "Rudy & Neal Go Fishing" will air on FOX Sports 1. The film chronicles a fishing trip … but it’s not your ordinary fishing trip.

Rudy — a U.S. veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder — is going fishing for therapy. Rudy’s guide is Captain Neal, a hairdresser by day and a professional angler in his free time.

"Rudy & Neal Go Fishing" showcases this unlikely pairing as they fish for the first time in Florida’s scenic Everglades. Over the course of the day, the two bond, and Rudy begins to heal.

Captain Neal is part of Fishing with America’s Finest (FWAF), a non-profit organization located in the Everglades. FWAF takes veterans out for a peaceful, yet fun-filled day of "Fish Therapy" with as many of their comrades or family as we can accommodate at one time. Veterans go bass fishing and the program is free for military personnel.

The venture is also in colloboration with the recreational therapy program at the Miami Veterans Affairs Healthcare System. Recreation Therapy uses activities for purposeful intervention in physical, emotional, and/or social conditions to bring about a desired change in that condition, and to promote the growth and development of the adult and/or geriatric patient as an individual. 

The official movie poster for "Rudy & Neal Go Fishing."

Meet the crew who put the film together in their own words:

Abigail Tannebaum Sharon, Producer/Director: I’ve been telling stories my whole life and am fortunate to make a living doing just that. My work over the past fifteen years — including an Emmy Award-winning program — includes a national commercial campaign, National Geographic Channel, PBS, Discovery Channel, TLC, HGTV, and VOA.

Pablo Durana, Director of Photography: Documentary films are my passion; they have the ability to educate, expose, and inspire. I love traveling and sharing stories. My broadcast work can be seen on National Geographic Channel, Discovery, Smithsonian, HBO, MTV, NBC Sports, PBS, TLC, History Channel, and Red Bull Media. I have also collaborated with Fine Films on the Oscar-winning documentary short "Inocente," and most recently "Life According to Sam." Visit to learn more.

Cindy D’Agostino, Editor: I love how much I learn on every show and can tell you if a python can really eat an alligator whole. I’ve freelanced as a documentary and television editor for the past 14 years. My shows have aired on National Geographic, Smithsonian, PBS, Discovery, Spike TV and the Documentary Channel. I’ve worked on shows that have won Emmys and numerous festival awards. I’ve also learned about the history of early African-American aviators and way too much about Neil Diamond.

Chris Beaty, Composer: I have worked as a professional musician all of my adult life. Now I work for myself, scoring films and creating music for television. My clients include National Geographic TV, HBO and Discovery Studios, Creative agencies large and small and independent filmmakers. Simply put, I love making music, in all of its many forms — and I get to do it every day. Visit me here to learn more

Milvionne Chery, Production Assistant: I love to talk to people and get to know their story. That love led me to pursue my M.A. in Television, Radio, and Film from Syracuse University. I have worked in both print and television, working with major cable networks such as DIY, Bravo and Smithsonian Channel.

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