The Best Person in Sports: Jacob Landis

A ballpark road trip is something for the bucket list.  It’s a great way to experience every park, see the country and spend some time on the open road.

Twenty-four year-old, Jacob Landis is on an entirely different ballpark tour, one with a purpose.  He is riding his bike, raising money for those needing cochlear implants.  Jacob slowly went deaf from ages 2 to 10, and with the help of a cochlear implant, was able to have his hearing restored.

Now he is riding over 10,500 miles, hitting all 30 MLB parks, taking donations on the way.  His goal: $1 million dollars.

Jacob started out on April 3rd, leaving his home in Anapolis, Maryland and his job, to pedal for his cause.  First stop, Nationals Park.  By the All-Star break he hit 20 parks and covered over 5,580 miles.

Rain, heat, hills and even flat tires have not slowed him down.

He’€™s checked in from his ride at all points across the map, posting on his blog and updating his journey.  The latest stop on his course, as of August, 17th, was in Arlington, Texas.  Sticking to his schedule, Jacob will complete the ride at Marlins Park on September 24th, taking in a Marlins game and some well-deserved rest.

You can of course follow him on Twitter for updates from the road and donate here to contribute to the cause.

No matter what parks you’€™ve traveled to, or have yet to cross off your list, Jacob’€™s road trip is one to admire.

Hats off to Jacob Landis, our Best Person in Sports.