FOX Sports 1 Sports Emmy Awards submission

New Approaches Short Format Social Highlight

                  The rapid rise of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has completely consumed Americans and sports fans alike. The myriad of mediums have finally given a voice to those people who never had one before. Ten years ago there was no way for the fan to broadcast his or her emotions after their team’s miracle win or devastating defeat save around the office water cooler. The voices of triumph or despair were sounded by journalists, sportscasters, and of course the players, whose assertions and opinions came to shape the way we were supposed to think and feel. The fan finally has a voice, and via FOX Sports’ Social Highlight, he or she finally has a soundboard on which to project that voice.

                  When one watches FOX Sports’ Social Highlight reel, it’s hard not to feel inspired or amazed by the countless videos posted by fans for some of the most unforgettable plays of the year. In Segment 1, the movies taken by both Red Sox and Patriots fans on a miracle day for Massachusetts make us feel as if we are there in the stands watching David Ortiz clobber a game-tying homerun against the Tigers in Game 2 of the ALCS, or watching Tom Brady throwing a game-winning touchdown pass to stun the Saints in Foxboro. The outpouring of emotion is palpable, but without the Social Highlight, we viewers watching solely the game would only experience a sliver of it.

Segment 5, however, feels the most special. At the beginning of the segment, Mark Wahlberg’s voice narrates that “we the fans cheer for players, teams, cities—it’s the moments we remember.” We then see a compilation of the most memorable moments of the year—from the fan’s perspective:  in the stands, at bars, and celebrating in the streets. From Jacoby Jones’ astounding Hail Mary catch to Ray Allen’s 3-pointer in Game 6 of the Finals to the unbelievable finish to the Iron Bowl and finally Mariano Rivera’s final moments with teammates Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera, it’s difficult not to feel moved by each fan’s footage.

FOX Sports’ Social Highlight is new medium through which we fans can tell the story of the game from our perspective.