Backstage With: Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is rarely at a loss for words.  In fact, he has made a name for himself not only as a ferocious, intimidating boxer, but as a completely candid and open athlete.  His press conference rants and pre-fight outburts are some of the most quotable ever.  Not only has he been in movies, but he’s had movies made about him.

A common ending for heavyweight champs is a sad, tragic later half of their life.  Tyson definietly was headed down that path.  Then he, as only Mike Tyson could, turned things around.  Tyson endeared himself to the public, he used his honesty and sense of humor in appearances and interviews, finding a second life as an entertainer.  From a Hollywood career, to a one-man Broadway show and even the Mike Tyson Cares Foundation, Iron Mike has once again become relevant in pop culture. 

Here he is at his best, speaking his mind and offering a frank perspective on himself.