Should Jason Garrett be on the coaching hot seat with the Cowboys? Nick Wright weighs in

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter discuss Jason Garrett and the Dallas Cowboys. Hear what Nick has to say Garrett's coaching position.

NICK WRIGHT: He's been the Cowboys head coach for nine years. If you remove that one year that Zach-- that Zach-- that Dak, Zeke, magical year, he's 56 and 53. That's as close to being right at 500 as you can be.

If you-- now, even with that one year, he's at 55% wins. There's 11 coaches in the sport that have coached at least 75 games. Nine have been to a Super Bowl. One is Marvin Lewis, who was coaching the worst franchise in the sport for a while. He's taken them to seven playoff appearances. But even Marvin Lewis' time people have thought is up.

And the other is Jason Garrett, who's been in the playoffs twice and won one playoff game. You don't get this type of job security without at least reaching, if not winning, a Super Bowl. Nobody else has it. Marvin Lewis has it, but at least they've been more successful over the last 15 years in the Cowboys. They've been to the playoffs even times from where the Bengals were, from wearing the bags on their heads.

Like I-- I don't know what the justification is other than it's easy to keep him. And I said last week, sometimes when you're coaching with job security, you are not making the best choices for your team. That decision to punt on fourth and one is a coach with job security. It's a coach that says, I'm not going to do anything-- color outside the lines at all, because I think-- as long as I don't make a major gaffe, I get to keep my job, even if that's not what's best for the team.