Nick Wright believes Packers coach Mike McCarthy’s seat ‘is starting to get warm’

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Nick Wright explains why Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy needs to prove he can coach in order to keep Aaron Rodgers happy.

- What does Mike McCarthy do well? I'm just asking.

CRIS CARTER: Offensive play design.

- OK. In theory, at no point am I like, man, thank god for that brilliant schematic edge Aaron Rodgers got this week or else he'd have been screwed. I know Mike McCarthy a few years ago thought he was getting too heavily criticized, and he came out and defended himself. And he said, I've accomplished a lot in this league. I'm a good coach in this league. OK, well show me.

Because what I see is a team that can come out unprepared. I don't put the field goals on him. Obviously, listen, Crosby's been a good kicker in this league for a decade. He had a terrible game. I don't put that on Mike McCarthy.

But what about-- Mason Crosby wasn't playing defense. Mason Crosby wasn't playing punt return. What about all the simple errors? OK, you're not a defensive coach. Aaron Rodgers is your quarterback, so the offense, while you can help, it's mostly taken care of.

Are you detail oriented? Are you a team that's super buttoned up? Never comes out flat? I'm just asking. Because I know this-- Ted Thompson lost his job. And so they decided the team was underperforming enough to where we need to make a change in general managers.

CRIS CARTER: They changed the general manager and changed several of the coaches.

JENNA WOLFE: They changed the quarterbacks coach, Alex Van Pelt.

- OK. All right, so listen. You're 2-2-1. The Vikings are struggling. The Bears-- they still have questions at quarterback even though I know Trubisky that huge game. They were off this week. All right, get it together by the end of this year because I think it's the last 47 games the Packers are 23-23-1.

It's over some giant sample. It might be 47 games. It might be 49 games. But they're a 500 team with the most talented quarterback in the league. I know he missed some of that time. OK Mike McCarthy, the seat's getting warm. We talk about Jason Garrett underperforming, and I understand that. But he hasn't been dealt a full deck at quarterback or at the wide receiver position.

If I'm running the Packers, I have this conversation, which is if defense is what has killed us for years and Rodgers is our quarterback, does it make sense to have the head coach being an offensive guy? Or do we need a head coach that can really button up the defense and let Rodgers handle the offensive side of it?

- And then add a little wrinkle to it is that Rodgers has basically called out Mike McCarthy. Last week he had questions about the play calling. And you know if you have a guy like Aaron Rodgers who isn't on the exact same page with your coach, there's a reason to look at your coach.

- They looked like a team that took the field, Jenna, disconnected. They looked like the guys on the team-- they heard that press conference, and they're there every day. They know more about the situation. So they felt the tension. Aaron Rodgers with an offense that's depleted during the week-- so what kind of chemistry do you think that they had during the week? He's throwing to practice squad guys?

And let's not forget what Aaron Rodgers said this summer about his friend Jordy Nelson. Man, it'd be awful nice to have Jordy Nelson around here, and I got all these other guys I got to work with. So we've got to keep our eyes on the situation there in Green Bay because that team yesterday-- that's not the type of team that needs to be in the playoffs. And their leader, for me, the first 30 minutes-- he looked like he was not motivated to play football there in Detroit.

- You can't go into a game and get out-coached by Matt Patricia in his fifth game as an NFL coach. You can't.

- By the way, Matt Patricia's two wins against the Packers and the Patriots is not bad.

- I don't know. I'm really frustrated because as a sports fan you only get so many generational players to watch through their prime. And when you feel like one is being squandered, it is frustrating. And I feel like that is what we're dealing with right now with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.