Nick Wright says the Chiefs’ win over the Jaguars was a critical and dominating win… without Mahomes being good

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Bart Scott joins Nick Wright and Cris Carter to talk Kansas City Chiefs Week 5 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Hear what Nick had to say about the Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

- They had two players ejected. D4 got hurt and they were still hitting Blake Bortles up the side his head. The pick we didn't show there, not the pick 6, but the pick Bortles-- were they were about to score-- where he threw it directly into his own offensive lineman's helmet. It should have been illegal touching by the offensive lineman. But I don't know if I--

- For hitting him in the helmet?

- Yeah, but it is technically. Because he's the first guy to touch it. But Bortles was awful. The Chief's defense deserve some of the credit and Blake Bortles deserves most of the blame there. But here's what is encouraging for the Chiefs and confusing for the Jags. Chiefs 30 carries for a buck 26 against that defense. Yannick Ngakoue, Calais Campbell. I said before the game, I thought Mitchell Schwartz might be able to neutralize Calais Campbell. Back to back weeks. Mitchell Schwartz has dealt with Von Miller and Calais Campbell and acquitted himself quite well.

But if you're the Jags and you-- like NBA guys at the press conference, they're always look at the box score-- NFL guys don't do this. But I assume in the locker room where at some point they do look at a box score. You've got to say, hold up. We ran for 101 on 17 carries. And we let Bortles throw the ball 61 times? They were gashing the Chiefs. And I understand the game got away from them. But one of the reasons the game got away from them was because of the Bortles mistakes, the five Blake Bortles turnovers.

So this was a great win for Kansas City because they're now three games up on the Jags. Because they're two games and a head to head tiebreaker. It was a critical win and a dominating win without Mahomes being good.