Nick Wright questions the identity of the defending champion Eagles after falling to 2-3 on Sunday

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter discuss the Philadelphia Eagles. Nick explains his concerns for the Eagles after falling 2-3 on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

- Who are the Philadelphia Eagles? That's the question right now. We know who they were last year. You kept saying it and I love it. They-- their big people are better than your big people.


- They weren't yesterday. They weren't last week, either.

- Mm-hm?

- They-- they played five games this year. It's not just that they're two and three. It's that their two wins weren't decisive.

It's not like it's like-- OK, last year, they had seven decisive victories. We know the majority of NFL games come down to the fourth quarter, usually one possession games. Last year, seven times, didn't come down to the fourth quarter.

Didn't come down to one possession. They beat the breaks off teams. Even their wins, Atlanta has a chance to win the game at the end.

Indy, you need a drive at the end of the game to beat Indianapolis. And then Indy drives right back on you with a chance to win. You know why I'm also concerned? I watched how Tennessee moved the ball on [INAUDIBLE] or last week.


- And then I watched Tennessee yesterday--

CRIS CARTER: Same team.

- --lose to Buffalo and not score a touchdown. Like, I mean--

- In Buffalo's defense, they did beat the Vikings also.

- Absolutely.

- The team that went--

- But I saw Tennessee-- the one time this year their offense has had a real pulse was against the Eagles. The Eagles offensive line gave up eight tackles in the backfield, whether that's sacks or tackle TFLs. Like, their defensive line generates one sack.

Their secondary is highly problematic. Like, the DL at least I-- the defensive line, I get it. Timmy Jernigan's injured. Haloti Ngata wasn't there.

Like-- and I think they will be better. Michael Bennett made a big play. He got a tough call on him.

I understand that part of it. But the secondary-- help ain't on the way. And who are you right now as the Philadelphia Eagles?