Nick Wright wasn’t shocked at all by OBJ’s postgame comments

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Nick Wright discusses New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.'s post game comments where he expressed his frustration with the team.

- My reaction was nothing you said to Josina Anderson was inaccurate. Everything he said was accurate. And Odell would tell you-- people saying he needs to keep this in house-- aside from the Eli comments, those were things that had been kept in house, about wanting to be more creative, wanting to take more shots on offense, wanting to play with more passion.

And it didn't take. He has a relationship with Josina. He's there with Little Wayne. And he appeared to say things that a lot of people think and don't say out loud. He's asked about Eli Manning. In print, the question is, is Eli Manning part of the problem? And in print, you read, I don't know. If you watch the interview, he says, I don't know. Eli's not a mobile guy. He's not going to get out of the pocket, and then talks about it.

But everything he said is true. And I'm not saying one lead to the other, but yesterday, the Giants offense looked like it can look. It scored 30 points for the first time in 2 1/2 years. They didn't lose because of problems on offense. Now, Odell made two major errors. He had a drop on fourth down. And he had the more major error, the punt return, where he didn't get out of the way. And it goes off him. The Panthers score on the muffed punt, but he also played his best game, with his biggest plays of the season.

I don't think we can look at his comments and say, they were a distraction to the Giants. They hurt the Giants yesterday. That's not why they lost. And I'm not overly shocked by his comments either.