Cris Carter has a message for OBJ: ‘You can’t tell the truth — It doesn’t help you win’

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Cris Carter and Nick Wright talk Odell Beckham Jr and the New York Giants. Hear Cris' message to OBJ after making comments about Eli Manning and the struggling Giants.

CRIS CARTER: I would argue that this being his best game. For one, when you're as talented as him, there's a fourth down possession that they throw you the ball. You don't catch it. It's an easy catch, a very, very simple catch. So that's like a turnover. You're touching the ball on the punt where we've actually put you back as a punt returner, and we have other people that can do this. And you have one the lowest return averages in NFL. That's a turnover inside the opposition's five yard line.

So to think that he was part of the winning, no, he wasn't. He was part of him losing that football game also. Nick talked about Odell's comments. They were the truth. Well, don't nobody care about the truth when you're in team sports. When you're sitting at home on the sofa, and you're a fan, and you've got pompoms, yeah, you can speak the truth. But when you're in team sports, you can't speak the truth.

You know the New York Giants organization with all the little things about Odell that he's been struggling with the last couple of years? The Giants didn't tell us the truth about Odell. You know what they did? They protected the superstar, and That's the same thing that you have to do when you're sitting down. I don't care Little Wayne. Like you don't work for Little Wayne. You don't work with Joe Cena.

You work for the New York football Giants, and it was your opportunity to let people know, no, that everything is OK. I don't care what the truth about Eli is. You can't tell the truth. I don't care what the truth about the Giants is. You can't tell the truth. The reason why, because it does not help the Giants win.

I like what Odell said after the game. You know something? I'm learning this. He's learning how to be a leader, and sometimes, you make mistakes. And that was a huge mistake. You do not go to your veteran players and expect them to make your job more difficult. And Pat Shurmur said that this was handled in-house. That means probably someone like Snacks Harrison after seeing the interview in the morning at the hotel, that they went up and talked to Odell, and said something to him.

- Night before. They addressed it the night before.

CRIS CARTER: And that or the night before. It was leaked out on Twitter that this was going to be on there. So typically, guys on the team will say something. So Odell was a huge part of what they're doing. And he had an opportunity to be able to take care Eli, take care of Pat Shurmur, take care of Dave Gettleman. Because this team is not real, real talented.

And take care of the team the same way the team when they don't say everything that they know about you to be true. It's a partnership, all right? The organizations not going to say anything bad about you, and you're not supposed to be saying anything bad about the organization. It's not a matter of is it true. Of course, there's truth in every organization.