Nick Wright on Sunday’s Falcons-Steelers matchup: ‘This is a must-win for both teams’

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Chris Canty joins Nick Wright and Cris Carter to talk NFL. Hear what Nick has to say about Sunday's Week 5 Atlanta Falcons- Pittsburgh Steelers matchup.

- Well, both of them need it, because the division leaders in their respective divisions are 3-1. So you don't want to be in a situation where you fall three games behind the division leader, because you're pretty much out of the race at that point. So I'm looking at this game--

- And they lost a head-to-head already in one of those matchups.

- In one of those matchups, yeah, so that's big. So you're looking at it and saying that this is a got-to-have-it for both of these teams. And when we look at it, both the defenses are awful. They're giving up around 30 points a game. So it's a question of whose offense, and more importantly, whose quarterback do you trust the most. And for me, that's clearly Matty Ice over Ben Roethlisberger at this point. Matty Ice, 68% completion percentage, 1,300 yards, 10 touchdowns to two interceptions versus Big Ben, who has 64% completion percentage, 1,400 yards, eight touchdowns to five interceptions.

- The five picks.

- He's got to take care of the football. And that's been the one knock on Ben Roethlisberger. Sometimes he'll throw the defense some. So I'm looking at this game and saying, I trust the Falcons and what they're doing offensively and what they're trending towards under Sark now more so than what the Pittsburgh Steelers are doing.

- A key point there-- Steve Sarkisian, the offensive coordinator, we know that they had communications from Kyle Shanahan when he went to San Francisco-- Matty Ice, him, Sark getting on the same page. I spent some time with them down there. That's a huge point that you're making there. A lot better in Sark's second year.

He's also changed about 30% of the old stuff that they used to do. So now it's kind of a collaboration between the two of them on game day. Matty Ice is very, very comfortable, and Sark is more comfortable. They're in a different position, even from a locker room standpoint, than Pittsburgh, because almost they're virtually in the same spot. But Atlanta-- the only reason why they're here is because they didn't make critical plays in the red zone. They make a play every game, they're undefeated. They're not bickering. They're actually happy. They got a bunch of injuries. Pittsburgh, on the other hand--

- Got issues.

- They got locker room issues. They've started to point the finger. They've got one of their better players told the offensive linemen he's going to be coming back-- and oh, no, excuse me I'm not going to be coming back. So I believe where they're at is a different point. Atlanta has far more confidence. The only reason why they're struggling is because they have so many injuries on the defensive Side. They can't put a pass rush. They can't stop you from running the ball. They can't get off the field on third down. They can't stop you in the red zone. So--

- Their defense is as bad as it gets for the Falcons right now. And your point that they're both potentially three games back in the division, with the Falcons having already lost to the Saints and the Steelers having already lost to the Ravens So who needs it more? The answer is this is a must win game for both teams. Whoever loses this game I believe you can write off, which is crazy considering I thought the Steelers were going to go to the Super Bowl.

- And Kenny thought the Falcons were going to the Super Bowl.

- Well, at least the Falcons have an excuse with all the injuries. What's the Steelers' excuse?

- Exactly right.