Nick Wright responds to Kyrie Irving confirming his plans to re-sign with the Celtics

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter talk NBA. Nick explains why he thinks Kyrie Irving is likely to play for a different team after next year. Do you agree with Nick?

- I 100% believe Kyrie Irving, that he woke up this morning believing, I want to be a Celtic for life. I'm going to re-sign. The only reason I haven't re-signed is because it would cost me so much money.


- And so--

JENNA WOLFE: Explain that to people.

- If he re-signs before he hits actual free agency, it costs himself over $60 million. Like, he would be crazy to resign right now.

JENNA WOLFE: That's why he-- it behooves him to wait until July.

- It's why he would announce it--

CRIS CARTER: Yeah, there's a certain-- when that window opens.

- Right. And when he has the extra year of service, all this stuff.


- So it's why he would announce it now, but couldn't sign it now. And so you shouldn't read anything into the fact that he hasn't signed yet, because he shouldn't sign yet. But I can believe that and still believe the door is wide open-- and I do believe the door is wide open-- for Kyrie Irving to be playing somewhere else next year. I-- Paul George was 100% certain he was going to sign in Los Angeles when he hit free agency.


- Told the whole world. And things change in nine months. I made the joke going into break that it's an engagement. But I think it's a very apt comparison. When you get down on one knee, and you look the woman in her eyes and say, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I love you--

JENNA WOLFE: You have all intents and purposes of doing that.

- --I believe in that moment you mean it. And some people, couple days before the wedding are like, peace, I can't do it. They weren't lying then. They just-- things changed. And so Kyrie Irving, man, I watched him do a whole monologue about how much he loved playing with LeBron, how much he would be depriving himself of his true baseball destiny if he didn't learn more from LeBron and embrace that. And six weeks, not months, six weeks later, he demanded a trade. So do I believe Kyrie Irving? Yes. Do I still also believe that he very likely could be playing somewhere else in a year? Yes.