Nick Wright recaps Tom Brady’s performance from TNF: ‘I didn’t see Brady make a mistake’

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Nick Wright discusses New England Patriots QB Tom Brady's Thursday Night Football performance in their 38-24 win over the Indianapolis Colts.

- And Nick and I talked about it early this morning. It's about what we expected coming from the game. We knew the Colts were out manned, out personneled. I mean, from a healthy standpoint this is some of the worst conditions you can be at for a Thursday night game.

The late overtime game-- we know about them losing to the Texans. Then having to travel to New England. Like, they didn't even have enough guys to suit up for the whole 47 man roster. Like, they had guys actively who could have played but no. Like, they weren't healthy enough to be able to play.

So we knew coming into the game they would pick them apart. We knew that the Colts couldn't blitz to create enough pressure on Tom Brady because they didn't want to play man to man. We thought that he would immediately start going back to Edelman, which he did. We thought the running backs would play a role throwing and catching, James White and Sony Michel, and they did.

I mean, Tom Brady, for me-- Nick asked me what I thought about the game. And I said, Tom-- I think Tom is just going to play forever. Like--

- What you actually said is, why would he ever stop? Why would you quit if you're Brady and these are the circumstances?

- The game is too easy. I mean, they can't rush you and even if they do rush you they can't land on you, they can't hit you, they can't hit you to your head. You know, so the game is so much easier than it's ever been.

And to me, there was not a point in the game where I think Tom Brady was stressful one little bit. So when you can play the game like that I mean, that's what New England is going to be able to do. Now they got Edelman back.

You can see that Josh Gordon-- Brady starting to be a little more comfortable with him. Well, how do you know that? Not only the number of plays that he played but the ball when Brady was scrambling and he throws that ball up and there's two defenders there. Brady does not do that unless he trusts you.

So I believe that that will pay dividends as long as Josh can do everything the Patriot way game after game. Edelman gave them that emotional lift that I told them about. So yeah this is what I expect from the Pats especially in October. They're going to start turning the corner. They're going to play better football. But for us to think that this is a team that will be challenged in the AFC-- no it's not. The Colts are a long ways away.