Cris Carter’s 3 storylines to watch for in tonight’s Colts vs Patriots game on FOX

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Cris Carter talks NFL. Hear what he had to say about the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts ahead of their game tonight on FOX.

- This boils down to three storylines. The number one story line happens to be the rest, and them playing on Thursday after having a fairly easy game-- you would have thought New England/Miami is gonna be a very, very physical game. And also, I believe that Week number Three, we didn't point out there was a tie between New Orleans and-- and Atlanta.

NICK WRIGHT: An overtime game.

- It went-- overtime game. And Atlanta comes back the next week, and they lose to Cincinnati. They couldn't stop-- they ran out of gas at the end of that game. They couldn't stop Cincinnati. So not only those first two weeks teams losing-- number two would be I believe that Josh Gordon begins to emerge. Last week we saw him get a little taste-- involved in the short passing game.

With Edelman coming back, I think they're gonna put them both on the same side-- Edelman in the slot, Josh Gordon outside-- and run some combination routes where Brady can concentrate on that side of field. Number three is I know Tom Brady personally. People know him. And there's nothing more upsetting to Tom Brady than being accused of doctoring up the footballs. And that was against the Indianapolis Colts.

And I expect him to always-- against the Colts-- to come out with vengeance. And I expect them to try to rub it in the Colts face. They do not like the Colts. They did-- they felt like the Colts, what they did, was dirty pool. And I believe it's gonna play out tonight on Thursday Night Football. This one's gonna get ugly. If I had money, and if I was betting-- which I'm not-- don't have no money, and I'm not a betting-- man, I would have to put a little something on the Pats to smash them.