Cris Carter on LeBron James being most likely to win MVP: ‘This might be his 4th championship’

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Cris Carter discusses LeBron James being the favorite to win the NBA this season despite being on a new team.

- I feel as if LeBron does win MVP, it's like his fourth championship. 16th year in the league at this age. And I think this is a tremendous compliment coming from the general managers. This is different. Nick tells me, hey man, Vegas, they got LeBron the favorite. That don't mean nothing to me. The general managers.

JENNA WOLFE: That's what you sound like to him.

- This is all 30 of them.

- I mean, the general managers saying that LeBron James going into year number 16. It also lets them know, man, if we were having a free agent draft, that guy right there got to be considered as the first pick, even with all these young players. A new setting, all new teammates, new coaching, and to think that he's going to be the MVP, I think that's one of the most complimentary things I've heard about LeBron James, especially at this point in his career.