Nick Wright: ‘This is the best chance for LeBron James to win an MVP since he last won it in the 2012-13 season’

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Nick Wright and Carter talk NBA on today's show. Hear what Nick has to say about LeBron James' MVP chances.

- This is the best chance he has at winning MVP since he won his last one, and I say that because for the first time, he doesn't have the expectations of, well, his team obviously should be the one seed in their conference and obviously they should win 55-plus games. He also has the added benefit of some of the other contenders, leading contenders we have seen have kind of canceled themselves out. Kevin Durant and Steph Curry, unless one of them gets hurt. Now with the addition of Boogie Cousins, it's almost impossible to imagine the voters saying they're the MVP.

Russell Westbrook averaged a triple-double again last year. He got zero first-place votes. So the league has pretty much decided we got Russ his, we'll see you later, Russ, on that. I have a hard time believing when I hear so many NBA writers that feel like they're James Harden playoff doubts were confirmed last year that they wouldn't hold that against him after he already got his MVP.

So that means out west, it's LeBron and the Brow. And then out East, there's a bunch of guys-- Kawhi, Embiid, Giannis, Kyrie. So this is the best chance LeBron has, and because people would look at 50 wins for the Lakers not as underachieving. Cavs won 50 last year, it was considered a huge disappointment. The Lakers win 50, we'll consider it a big success.