‘I expect the Pats to beat the brakes off the Colts’: Nick Wright previews Thursday night’s matchup on FOX

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter previews Thursday Night Football's New England Patriots vs. Indianapolis Colts matchup on FOX.

- My first note here is I expect the Pats to beat the breaks off the Colts tonight.

- I need to start picking at you, Nick.

- I wouldn't.


- The Patriots are 10 and 1/2 point favorites, and I wouldn't bet the Colts with your money, because I don't see many paths to victory for Indianapolis. If we're sitting here tomorrow and the Colts won, it's going to be because they converted all their third downs practically, which is one thing that they've been great at this year.

It's going to be because they overcame the loss of their best defender, high drafts, high second round pick, Darius Leonard, who was leading the team in tackles and sacks. They don't have his services, that being the Indianapolis Colts, and that they somehow overcame the loss of T.Y. Hilton, who is their most talented offensive player, not named Andrew Luck. The Colts can't run the ball. They haven't been able to run the ball, oh, I don't know, since Ed James was there.


They hadn't been able to run the ball in Luck's entire tenure, and now they're expected to go do it against a team without their number one wide receiver as well, a team in New England that is familiar with the Colts, as familiar as you can be with an opponent that isn't in your division, and a team that is very used to the national stage.

Thursday Night Football is different for everybody, but one thing-- the Pats-- that is not odd to them is playing a primetime game, playing a game at night, playing a game that all the eyes are on them. The Pats, they play about a half dozen of those a year. The Colts play about two or three of those a year.

And Brady, we know it. In his career on Thursday nights, 10 and 2. In his career on a short week, 15 and 2. This is something that all signs point to us talking tomorrow. Remember when we were worried about New England? And it won't mean everything's fixed for them, but I just don't think the Colts have answers for them.